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Used Car Buying Tips

Some of these used car buying tips won’t be new to you. Often the trick is just to apply what you already know. On the other hand, when it comes to expensive areas of life like buying a car, one new thing learned can save you hundreds of dollars. Try some of the following. 1. […]

Your Quick And Easy Guide To Car Maintenance

Cars are like electric lights. We often don’t appreciate them until they go on the blink. Regular maintenance checks and simple service can greatly reduce the cost of car ownership and keep you a much happier traveler! Don’t let the thought of car maintenance intimidate you. There are actually several car maintenance tips you can […]

Your Engine, Your Baby: Synthetic or Conventional Oil

One central argument between car enthusiasts and on Internet car forums alike is what oil is better for your car, synthetic or conventional. Before synthetic oils became available for regular automobiles, the argument centered solely on brand types and weight. But now, with the advent of these synthetics all over the market, what is truly […]

Why you can’t do without a car audio crossover.

I’ve heard the question asked many times before, ‘Do I really need a crossover?’ Without wasting any time I quickly answer, ‘Yes you do’. Whether it’s a passive crossover or an active crossover, your car audio system will never sound good without a crossover. I want to make myself very clear here, so before you […]

Why you can’t do without a car audio capacitor.

I’ve heard the question asked many times before, ‘Do I really need a capacitor?’ Before answering that question I ask, ‘Do you have a high powered system?’ ‘Does it require sudden power bursts?’ ‘Is your amplifier being robbed of power?’ If the answers to my questions are yes, make every effort to connect a capacitor […]

Where to Find Wholesale Radar Detectors –

Radar detectors have become an extremely popular piece of technology for drivers. With quality detectors running several hundred dollars, the perceived high cost of these devices has the potential to drive away consumers. In reality, consumers can purchase wholesale radar detectors through many venues, especially online. One source for wholesale radar detectors are those online […]

Why does a car engine overheat?

There are many different reasons that can cause an engine overheat, but they all have in common three aspects. The three aspects which all engine overheat factors have in common are that they cause that the heating system can not get rid of heat, they cause a loss of coolant or they directly cause too […]

What You Should Not Do When Buying A New Car

For people who have failed their mechanical aptitude test, the difference between a handbrake and the fender would probably be something that needs consulting in the dictionary. Buying a new car is never easy but for some it can even rival the SAT. With hundreds of articles handing out tips in buying a new car, […]

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